Threes Brewing: Fruited Beer Selection & Virtual Tasting on 12/16

Many people think of wine and spirits for the holidays, but beer has its place at your table. Threes Brewing's mixed culture beers and saisons are sophisticated yet approachable and made for festive celebrations.

On 12/16 from 6:30pm-7:30pm, taste an exclusive boxed assortment of three of Threes' mixed culture beers brewed with fruit along with expert staff and learn which foods pair best with each, so you know which to serve or bring along to your next holiday gathering.

Kit Includes:
- Exclusive 3 bottle box of fruited mixed culture beers and saisons
- $30 Online Gift Card
- 2 branded glasses, branded bottle opener
- Access to Virtual Tasting

Available to the following states: NY, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, MA, NH, NJ, PA, VT, VA & DC.

How to Purchase:
Select the number of orders you would like to purchase. Please mark "Shipping" and then click the "Reserve Spot" button. (A $20 shipping fee applies for eligible states)

Please allow 2-5 days for shipping in preparation for the virtual class

Please leave any questions or comments for Threes Brewing in the comment box at checkout