Olmsted: Dinner Consultation w/ Chef Greg Baxtrom

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you are struggling at home trying to figure out how to plan the perfect menu spend 30 minutes on the phone with Chef Greg Baxtrom, as he guides you through any challenges you are having and inspires you to make the meal (or meals) of your life.

Questions may Include:

  • It's my roommates birthday so I'm trying to cook a celebratory for 2, but my she just became a vegan. What do I do?

  • I want to learn how to cook the perfect steak at home. How can I make it taste like I was eating at a steakhouse?

  • I can't be in a room alone with my mother in-law and we are staying over at her house for a week. We can't leave because of Covid. Help me Greg!

You have 30 minutes to ask him any and all questions related to any and all things cooking, so make it count!

How to Book
1) Reach out to Chef Greg via the contact button. Please include:
- Date (or range of dates) you are requesting
- Contact information
- An overview of the types of things you'd like to ask/challenges you are facing in the kitchen.
2) Greg will reach out to you directly. Once a date and time has been determined, click on the "Request Consultation" button and enter your payment information. In the message section on the payment page, please include the following:
- Your Name
- Agreed Upon Date

3) When the payment has been completed, Greg will be in touch to confirm all details.