La Rossi Frozen Pizza: Pizza Party Box for 4

Founded by Martina Rossi Kenworthy (Gustiamo, Slow Food New York City), La Rossi makes sustainable, frozen pizzas that combine local American ingredients with Italian innovation. These are pizzas that you can not only feel good about buying, but you can also prepare in your home oven in just a few minutes.

Each 10” frozen pizza is made from a studied blend of locally milled flour, yielding a distinctly fragrant and bubbly crust. Featuring three available pizzas including Margherita, Pepperoni and The Crust, La Rossi Pizza takes great care in working with local U.S. producers who share a commitment to sustainability across the food chain. A portion of sales from each pizza goes towards supporting Slow Food New York City.

Enjoy some of the best, locally sourced & sustainably made frozen pizza at home. La Rossi Pizza hand delivers a pizza party box for 4 guests directly to your home.

The Box Includes any combination of 4 of the following 10” personal frozen pizzas:
- Margherita
- Pepperoni
- The Crust (exclusive to Outpost). The Crust is a fully customizable frozen pizza featuring a selection of seasonal ingredients from New York City's local greenmarkets. Past custom pizzas include ingredients such as: New York State sharp cheddar, sliced apple and rosemary. Either leave it in our hands or let us know what custom toppings you'd like to try!

How to Purchase:
Select the number of orders you would like to purchase. Please mark "Shipping" and then click the "Buy" button.
- Please provide delivery address in area designated for "Shipping Address"

Please List the Following at Checkout:
- Date of Delivery
- If you have ordered The Crust, let us know if you'd like to leave the seasonal toppings up the La Rossi team, or if there are any specific toppings you'd like on your pizza. If we can, we will source those ingredients or try to get as close to them as possible.

Delivered evenings, Monday-Friday to Manhattan & Brooklyn ONLY. If ordering The Crust we require 24 hours notice, otherwise can be delivered same day