VIN-DECISION: Drink and Learn about Rare Wines from France

Brandon Borcoman is one of New York City’s most talented wine professionals, serving most recently as a wine director at Charlie Bird. He’s also the founder of VIN-DECISION, a wine curation and education service designed to help people discover great wines at all price points.

In this class, you and a friend will learn all about the wines of France’s Rhone region, comparing (and tasting) special wines from both Northern & Southern Rhone. It will be a laid back but fun, unique, and educational affair, complete with food pairings from the restaurant. No previous wine knowledge required - just an ability to drink and enjoy it.

What is included in the class:
- Reservations for 2 people
- Wines from 7 benchmark producers
- For each course, we will taste 1 wine from the Northern Rhone & 1 wine from the Southern Rhone to compare/contrast
- Food Pairings by Chef/Co-Owner of Noreetuh, a modern Hawaiian restaurant in the East Village of New York City

What to Bring to the Tasting:
- An open mind and a fun personality

All bottles used for this tasting are extremely unique and rare, as they have been sourced from auction

How to Book
1) Select the number of reservations you would like for the tasting (each reservation = 2 seats).

2) Click the "Reserve" button