Boqueria: Paella Cooking Kit for Two

Chorizo and Piquillo Pepper Paella Cooking Kit

Paella is the national dish of Spain, and as with all of the country’s most popular dishes, a heated debate persists over what ingredients to include and exactly how to cook it. Yes, the great paella dispute can leave Spaniards simmering. But the grain of truth revealed by this ongoing debate is that everyone feels extremely passionate about paella. That includes us.

We hope this cooking kit for two brings the same passion to your kitchen! Included is everything you need to make our Chorizo and Piquillo Pepper Paella for two, even the pan!

- 32cm paella pan
- Nomen Bomba Rice
- Aneto Valencia Paella Stock
- Old Fashion Salsa Verde
- Matiz Sofrito
- Pina Saffron
- Palacios Mild Chorizo
- Casa de Hualdo Arbequina Olive Oil
- Pons Piquillo Peppers
- Link to online recipe

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