Carolina Santos-Neves

Carolina is currently the Executive chef at the West Village restaurant American Bar. When she is not in the restaurants, or even when she is, she’s working with the co-organizers of on feeding members of the New York community who are food insecure. She's huge into collaborating with other culinary creatives and in the past year has done pop up's in Paris, London, Upstate NY & Mexico City. Hence why this trio has joined forced to create this experience.

CARO, as many call her, has always been a huge believer in the power of food, especially as it relates to greater understanding of culture & humanity. She presently sits on the advisory board for ABLF, a non-Profit which focuses on upward mobility for marginalized communities. She first entered the “world of food” In 2008 where she joined the team at, and eventually joined the opening team at Comodo, a Latin-inspired restaurant which resided on MacDougal St.

Prior to her work there, she founded her culinary consultancy Call Me Caro where she created food programs for start up companies like The Assemblage & Parsley Health, as well as provided chef services for mission driven concepts where food played an integral part in connecting with the community. Over the years she’s worked with companies/Organizations like Thinx, Lily CBD, The Bowery Mission, A Second U Foundation, Dive in Well, Kin Euphorics, Great Jones, WPA, and The No.29.

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