Brandon Borcoman is the former wine director of NYC hotspot, Charlie Bird. Since the COVID crisis commenced, he began focusing on his own company, Vin-Decision, and a successful virtual tasting series grew out of it, called Drink Nice(r). His objective is to bring people together despite being remote and thus far, he has delivered over 150 virtual wine experiences.

In addition to virtual life, he also helps clients source wine for their own homes. This is accomplished through auction buying and private sources, so the wines are oftentimes rare without necessarily possessing a huge price tag. Many of the great producers of the world make bottlings that are perfect for everyday drinking and these are the wines Brandon embraces..

For his Drink Nice(r) Live series, the aim is to pair cellar-aged, benchmark producers with an ambiance that matches.

If you’d like to follow-up, whether it be for your own virtual tasting or for private wine buying, feel free to reach out to: Information can also be found on his website:

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